Wish List

Kisses that make me weak, cuddles like we fit together, caresses me and holds me. Affectionate is so key-after what I’ve been missing all these years.

Someone to actually share your home with, so it doesn’t feel empty and quiet…a reason to stay home…someone to cook with!

He’s gotta be close with family. Love love love his family. Someone you want to raise kids with who loves having real fun with family. I miss having fun with family so much…I want to start one with someone who loves laughing with family and cherishes it just as much as I do. I miss going over to Gram’s every day after school/work for coffee. Or having aunts and uncles near for consult, and cousins nearby like siblings…to get into trouble with.

Brunette with brown eyes, yum 🙂 facial hair or not. He’s gotta be smooth skinned, not rough to the touch. Tall or same in height. Loves my curves.

Makes me feel safe when I’m vulnerable, emotionally comforting. Takes care of me so I feel comforted, especially when I’m sad, hurt, upset. Shares his emotions openly, a big softie who makes me melt, but also masculine in appearance and role.

A leader, respectable. Someone dependable and caring.

It would be cool to find another intuitive, but finding someone spiritual/with faith is important. Not necessarily have to be religious, but if he’s a spiritual person that would be so hot.

Knows how to work through and problem solve, offers solutions, takes action, not just a talker.

It would be nice to marry a man who makes more money than me for once, but I really miss being around working class people…my family. If he is dedicated to working hard and cares about keeping a home up, I’d appreciate that much more! My dream would be to stay home and raise some cuties…work pt though for fun money.

Someone talented or skilled in many areas, has knowledge about things I don’t. Keeps me engaged in conversation…is not too cool to geek out or play around like a big kid with me.

Excellent sense of humor, also has a dirty twisted mind that I can share with him privately.

Lord help me if I find a Latino man, purrrrrr…if he’s bilingual my kids may be too.

Knows how to use his tongue 😉 Loves grabbing my ass…knows how to be a little aggressive in the bedroom. Treats me like a Goddess and makes me feel like he is my King.

Loves being outdoors (sex outdoors is a plus)

Music, all the time!

Dances 🙂 A man that asks me to slowdance.

He notices the little things, he cares about my interests and I care about his.

I want a soulmate.


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