My First Kink Event: Part 1

I’d been speaking with a younger grad student in the area who was toying with the idea of exploring kink. He had been to quite a few events over the past several months, was super open to talking about fetishes and interest. I was curious about getting out and meeting others, so he gave me a bit of a briefing on what each group was like and what the different events focused on. The most appealing one to me had required background checks, it was a private event at a secret location, no drugs/alcohol/cameras/phones allowed, a coat check provided (very helpful), and a safety orientation was required for all first timers to attend. My new friend offered to vet me for the event, and in exchange i offered to drive him from campus. Such a polite young man, very easy to talk to, well traveled, good looking, and a feminist…rawr, my favorite! I really hit the jackpot with my first kink friendship.

Earlier in the day I’d left home to shop for fishnet stockings, had no idea what I was going to wear. What the hell do you wear to your first kink event? Good Goddess. Anywhoooo, I showed up to orientation and it seemed like everyone was eye fucking everyone in the room…fantastic! I love observing shit like this. The person going over the packet of rules was super funny, she’d been in the scene for over 15 years. She seemed to have some solid self confidence and I loved seeing that! It was interesting to see the setup crew running around with tables and large St. Andrew’s crosses, trying to get the space together while we were in orientation. I didn’t get to see into the main room, but I like a little surprise every now and then (and boy was I about to get it).

Later that evening I went home, did yoga, meditated, and then stood in front of the bathroom mirror preparing every square inch of my body. He texted me asking if I was excited and wondered what I was looking to get out of the event that evening. My reply was to the point, I was simply there to check it out and most likely wouldn’t participate. The sun was setting and I sat in my yoga room staring at the faux Tiffany lamp, studying the colors and lead surrounding the dragonfly wings. I sat there wondering how the hell I got here, and why it took me so long. I’m getting older, I missed out on what I’m about to see for so long. It felt like a scene in a horror film where the characters are preparing the house before sunset for an attack (e.g. Lost Boys). Took some deep breaths and headed out.

I picked up my date and we got a chance to chat a bit, I was super nervous and quiet (really not like me at all). We got checked in and I could tell he was beginning to get nervous too. He picked up a condom from the bowl of freebies at the front desk and said “and here are the condoms, in case you need any this evening”. He set it down almost instantly when I gave him the raised eyebrow with silence. (LOL! I’m so mean).

“I have my own” I responded. Then I checked my carry on bag full of sex toys, a towel, my corset, and a spare pair of shoes…and entered the venue. What was I wearing? Who was I wearing? Just tight jeans, a black lowcut top, a blazer, lots of silver bangles (as always, I’m a bangle whore), and dressy flats. Underneath I had my fishnets on with cute lingerie.

Just past check-in there was a lounging area that resembled a harem, large curvy chaise/couch things, dimly lit area, purple walls, lots of tapestry hung. Persimmons and grape leaves would have been amazing to enjoy in this setting.  I’ve always wanted to wear body jewelry/chains and lounge seductively while eating…this just seemed to fit that whole fantasy of mine.

He escorted me through the entry way. To the left was a large rec room with colorful padding on the floor. Projectors were setup and people were gaming on a couch, there were tables with cards against humanity, and a coloring section (I could get down with that). I looked at the coloring books and some of the pages were bdsm themed, so cool! This room was setup for people that wanted to attend, but may not be into kink. It was also used as a play room for “littles” that were into kink (which I learned about later in the night).

A small office was full of food including: water bottles, soda, pizzas, veggie trays, and cupcakes. I did not expect to see food at a kink event. My date went straight for it. College men. Thought of juices touching foods…it’s already difficult enough for me to participate in office potlucks, ha! There were a ton of people just hanging out chatting about school and what they’ve been up to lately. That’s where he introduced me to folks. I don’t remember everyone in the circle, but I will never forget when I locked eyes with what would soon become my first play partner. We comfortably smiled at each other, as we shook hands. I got the tingle feeling. What a cutie! Short, but what a cutie!

The circle reconvened after my brief introduction, being the quiet person I was that night, I slipped away on my own and walked out towards the main space. It was pertinent, my eyes needed to witness this shit, stat. Blur. My shoulder leaned against the wall as a casual attempt to brace myself, arms crossed in front of my chest. Standing in the doorway of the main space, I tried to stay conscious of my jaw and whether it was dropping. If I were someone looking at me-this newbie in shock-I would have been laughing my ass off.

Alas, everyone was very very kind and open. Not sure how long I stood there, maybe 30 minutes? That sweet handsome cutie walked straight over and stood next to me, his smile made me melt. Very polite and friendly. He asked me about myself, what got me there, what I’m into, what line of work I’m in, what things I do outside of kink. I could only focus on about 50% of what he said, as I stared like a freak at the room. In my life, I have shut so many doors…this is one door I’m grateful to have opened. (To be Continued)









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