Tonight I’m making a list of food play scenes I’d like to try with one of my lovers who happens to be a cancer man. Cancer men are very fond of food and mine loves to be teased…

Scenario 1

Feed him the following with a blindfold on:

  • chocolate
  • strawberries
  • my nipple with some honey smeared on it
  • avocado
  • my lips with a bit of nutella smeared across them
  • 2 fingers drenched in my own pussy juices
  • pour wine into his mouth from mine, or rub it along his lips with my fingertips
  • my ass

Scenario 2

Arrange sushi rolls on my body for him to eat. Ginger and wasabi on my nipples?? That may sting a bit. Soy sauce in a small cup/bowl near my groin.

Scenario 3

To satiate my oral fixation…Squeeze an orange along his body so I can lick it off. Or have him do the same to me and we work on licking and sucking the juice from each other at the same time.



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