Thanksgiving and Thankfulness

So I’m writing this as the Dakota Access Pipeline is pillaging it’s way through a community using everything they have to hold onto their land and protect their water supply. I find it ironic that we are currently in a situation in this country where we are so concerned about terrorism and immigrants destroying our fabric, while we terrorize our own communities. Building a giant mirror might be more productive than constructing a wall.

That being said, I don’t particularily feel good about celebrating Thanksgiving anymore. It is just as hypocritical as us making Columbus Day a holiday, but Election Day any other day…that being said…I am an optimist by nature and I do often meditate on that which I am grateful for often. Below are my current reflections.

I am thankful for:

·         My Family (chosen and given)

·         Humor, because it is so powerful and healing!

·         That my glass is not half full, nor half empty, it is always refillable.

·         My education

·         My spirituality

·         Art and the creative people who bring color, sound, feeling, and imagination into our world

·         The healthcare, mobility, and clean air/drinking water/foods I currently have access to

·         The array of people I’ve encountered in my life (especially those that are very different than me) they have all taught me something in a unique way.

·         The folks who sacrificed and paved the way to allow me to be “me”, and those who continue to make sacrifices to allow future generations even more opportunities



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