Racism and Spices?

Saturday I was aching to get home from my soon-to-be ex in-laws’ home and get back to normal life. Especially after listening to the struggles my MIL endured having to unsubscribe from the Penzey’s email list…you see, they sent out a ‘deeply offensive’ open letter addressing Trump supporters and asking them to assess their racism. She was so frustrated about having to develop an alternative plan to purchase spices elsewhere, like the grocery store. I told her that of course she needs to assess her privilege, and her party certainly has race issues to work through. She insisted she was absolutely NOT racist, and I explained that she sounds ridiculous saying that because everyone has been socially constructed to be racist to some degree (especially wypipo). It’s up to us to grow, learn how racism affects us and work to change ourselves for the better…it’s really easy to simply claim we’re ‘not racist’ and continue hiding it. I explained that even people of color are racist, everyone is on a continuum, but the way racism impacts you and how privileged you are in being exposed to it…that is where the learning is.

It’s absolutely fine for a company to be political, we have several conservative/tea party breweries in our area and I could care less. The beer is good. Their business practices are ethical. They are genuinely good people who do a lot for our local community. If I were to stop purchasing their local products, it would mainly hurt the local economy and the workers in our area. So…imho boycotting really only works for me when it is a larger corporation. For example, I haven’t set foot in a Walmart in several years because of what they’ve done to our country’s rural areas, their poor business practices, and how they treat their employees with regard to pay and benefits. I also hate flourescent lighting.

Talk about first fucking world problems. I’m sure she’ll come crawling back to her boutique spice shop when she needs fresh fucking vanilla beans. I wish that was my only problem! Cripes, what a joke.



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