Vanilla Umbrella

We decided to open up our marriage over the summer because we’d been in counseling and I was just not happy. I’m horny all the time and very curious…so I started looking up kinky sites and apps. I’m not a user of Tinder or Bumble, and I didn’t want to sit and weed through a bunch of folks unsure of exploring kink.

So…in July, I discovered this lovely app called Vanilla Umbrella. It really has taken off in the UK. It seemed safer for me to toy with the idea of looking for new partners by conversing with them abroad first. That way I knew I’d never meet them and it would be easier for me to control my emotions if I were to develop some type of bond (oxytocin is powerful shit and quite frankly, it terrifies me).

Of course my first ever sexting partner was from this kinky app. A young guy from London, en route to get his Masters in Sweden.  Purrrr did I ever enjoy watching him cum for me over and over again. Being the anglophile that I am, we of course exchanged orgasm video clips. Mostly for me to perv on, because I enjoyed hearing him say my name in his adorable British accent. Yummmy!

So yes, I’ve found some scintillating sext partners who’ve kept me up all hours of the night in pleasure…but most notable are two very VERY dear friendships that I cherish from this app.

My Daddy Dom in Washington D.C. is one of the relationships I came across (pun always intended); as well as a date to my first ever kink event in my area. So because of those two relationships alone, I’m very grateful to have found it and I do recommend it to others. There are certainly many bugs to work out in its early stages (like the messaging is not optimal), but of course there’s kik for that!


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