What Am I Doing?

Haven’t had many opportunities to post lately and there are so many thoughts crossing my mind, it’s driving me nuts!

My husband and I are very amicable, we are best friends. Our relationship has been platonic for a couple of years now and we still live together. In the spring we’re selling the house and filing for divorce.

Last weekend I was excited to have the whole house to myself so I lived it up! He returned from Chicago (Packers v Bears game) on Sunday evening limping. The next day he visited the doctor only to discover he’d broken his fibula and needed surgery. Tuesday he went through surgery and I’m helping to care for him over the next several weeks.

Thankfully I can work from home. But this now means we wont be able to spend our last Christmas together with the family at their cabin in the woods. We both had a good cry about it. I’m arranging a surprise ambush on Christmas Eve and his immediate family will be coming over with all of the food and drinks. I told them I couldn’t clean the house in time so they’ll need to keep any OCD comments to themselves.

This year is a strange Christmas. “SANTA!!!!!!!!!…..I know him” is my typical mood, but this year has proven to be a tough one. Especially since my company is currently discussing layoffs. At least I have my health, loving friends, sister, and nephews in my life.

I’m craving the romance, magic, and laughter this season. Guess I’ll just have to step it up and create my own!

UPDATE: 12/26

Christmas Eve went off without a hitch. He was so surprised, his entire family was very well behaved and we had quite a bit of fun. Snuck him out of the house that night in my car (drove very carefully because I didn’t want his cast to bump). Took him to a few Christmas light displays in the area. He really appreciated that. Then we watched Christmas movies cuddled together.

This is our very last Christmas. We actually decided NOT to get a divorce until the spring just BECAUSE we were so looking forward to having one last Christmas together. So because the gimp was unable to be Santa this year…we decided to sneak him over to his family’s Christmas day dinner. They had no idea we would be attending. I even volunteered to put on his grandfather’s Santa suit from the 60s and had fun getting teased by the cousins for what a bad job I was doing.

Brian: “Hey Santa, nice nose ring!”

Santa: “Hey, fuck off, Brian!”

Really this has been a great way to say goodbye to his family overall. They don’t know yet…but it will be easier for him to break the news when he’s ready.

I even passed down some ugly figurines his great aunt gave me, by proclaiming them ‘family heirlooms’. Santa delivered those fuckers to the two young ladies that recently married into the family this year. My rules were: 1) you must pass these down to another woman who marries into the family 2) you must occasionally wrap them up and give them to your mother in a law as a joke. They agreed to both.

Success! 🙂

If you’d like to send me a gift this holiday season (as I do receive gifts from fans on occasion!)…My wishlist can be found here:  http://a.co/1jcXjsP


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