Economical Rope from the Domme Depot

It’s no secret in the community that I just started to play with rope. It feels like a warm hug! I’m so into it that I want to start self-tie methods so I don’t need to rely upon others to tie me. My ex’s grandmother gave me Christmas money. Always wanting us to spend it on something fun instead of paying bills. That’s more her style.

Now one thing to know about this granny who gives out all of this Christmas money. She is one of those old ladies who’s like set for life; drove a red vintage jaguar convertible; wears a fur coat like everywhere; loves demanding to be served (::shudder::); she requests Pellegrino in stemware (with a lemon) every time we’re in a basic roadside bar/pub.

So, I have a competition with one of his cousins. Each year we tell each other what outrageous thing we purchased with the money. One year he paid for a drinking ticket, and another I bought a vibrator and nude playing cards. This year he spent his on the riverboat casino and I went to Home Depot to purchase rope and chain for kink play!

I like the nylon rope, it’s soft and sensual. I get it in thicker widths because it is easier to untie if I mess up a knot. The other stuff is just too frustrating to work with for now. I also purchased some smooth chain to wrap around my body, and some extra thick rope that leaves gorgeous markings on your skin!

So much fun lies ahead! I think the ex’s Gran would be proud.


Here is the nylon rope

Here is the stuff that leaves cool marks




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