Orgasm Denial and Edging

One of my first experiences with kink (as far back as I can remember) is edging. I’ve been doing it since I learned how to masturbate. 90s r&b music does that to a tween. It began as a play with ruining my orgasms first, and then I remember extending them while home on summer/spring break and had nothing else to do. MTV Spring break in the 90s was the thing to watch if you were a lazy piece of shit, like myself.It was really enjoyable for me to play out my fantasies and experience sensation as long as I wanted to.

Fast forward to being 30 (yes, I know that is a crazy long time later). I had not toyed with my orgasms nor masturbation for quite a while. Marriage can do that to you.

While travelling alone in Denver for a wedding, I met a group of guys that were friends with the groom at a brewery. We found ourselves talking John Hughes films at a corner bar late in the evening. Next thing I know we’re at a strip club. Those of you that are familiar with me, know that I support sex workers, and I do enjoy me some time at the strip club!

I was high-fiving the girls, made out with one of them. Guys were throwing ones in front of me, just to see my shit eating grin continue.

One of the guys turns to me, staring at the girl on stage and says “so how do you feel when you see that?”.

“Um, well…how do you feel when you see that?”

“Ah, good point.” He nods his head and returns the mesmerized gaze to the 6 inch heels slapping the table in front of him to the Weeknd.

My comparison of her to Cinderella or Jasmine on the Disney alt princess feed eluded him. She rolled her eyes at me and then started laughing. Not twenty minutes later she was tapping him on the shoulder offering that break in the back.

My response “but we’re both married”.

She didn’t realize I meant to other people! “Honey look around!” She had a point.

They both grab me by the hand and lead me back to the booths. He stared at me like a wolf about to consume his prey. Nothing I love more than a fat stripper ass right in my face. It takes everything in my power to not want to eat that pussy doggy, good GOD!

At the end of the dance I asked her to grind on him, just so I could watch. He reaches out for my hand, I ran my nails gently along the underside of his wrist; observed as he closed his eyes in pleasure. Leaning towards me, he closes his eyes and puckers. I take the dollar in his other hand, shove it down my bra and we kiss. Our dancer pulls the dollar out with her mouth. I can hear him groan.

We lock eyes and she asks him “would you like another dance?”

“No, thank you!” I respond for the both of us. Our eyes do not move from one another. I finally break and look away, getting up and heading back to the group. He grabs my arm and spins me around, hunches toward me and whispers “that kiss was hot”. I nodded.

My body melts as he leans down and kisses me again. Any other woman would be totally grossed out by this guy like. ‘I bet his nasty ass used the family debit card to pull that money out the atm for dance, honey’. To me, the dirtier, the better. In case you’re forgetting, I’m a Scorpio…ugh we nasty freaks!

I’m going to the bathroom. One of my favorite things about a strip club is the women’s bathroom. This is where all the girls are dishing on each other, primping, talking shit about clients, etc etc.

Let me just say, I cannot do the sexy mystique thing. I am too clumsy for that shit, always have been. You know, I probably always will be dammit. When I left the bathroom stall, the toilet paper was stuck in my thong and was trailing behind me straight from the roll. The girls see me and giggle. I walk back into the stall, remove the toilet paper. One of the girls says “you good honey?”

“Yea I’m good, thanks. You’re so beautiful!” I wash my hands and go back into the club.

My group is getting ready to leave. Another Weeknd song is playing, I can feel the beats hit my pussy like a subtle vibrator. I’m tenting. (sidenote: I just want to sit on a subwoofer and cum someday. I’m going to make it happen.)

We are driving near Wash Park, looking for one of the guy’s rental cars. I pull over in the park to take a break so they can think. The sprinklers are running and it is a hot July night. “Who wants to run through the sprinklers?” Lap dance hottie yells “YES! Me!”

We get out of the car giggling like sophomores in high school. My gladiator sandals are thrown to the wayside and we start running like crazy. Almost slipping we laugh the whole time. I catch up to him and we face eachother. He pushes me against a tree and kisses me. I whisper in his ear “I just wanted to taste you again”. He stares at me. I run away giggling. He’s laughing in the distance behind me. Almost slipping one more time, I grab my sandals and hop back into the car. We’re cracking up, the other guy is still trying to figure out where his car is. None of us have battery life on our phones.

I pull a U-turn out of the parking lot and notice a squad car behind me. Cherries pop on. At the exact same moment the serious guy points across the street and says “Hey. There it is, our car!” Saved by the grace of God.

I pull over for the cop. “Don’t say anything guys. Let me do the talking.” The officer shines his light in my face. We exchange words. I explain that I’m just trying to get my new friends to their rental, and point to it innocently across the way. He asks if we’re from around there, I say no we’re all in town for a wedding at Wash Park tomorrow. He nods and lets us go on our way. PHEW!!

We pull over and They get out of the car. I wish them goodnight. Lapdance guy gets back into my vehicle and I start touching his hand. His friend is asking if he’s going to go back to the hotel, or what he is doing. It’s a moment of infidelity and he’s trying to be a good and grounding friend. Lapdance boy says “No, I’m going to make sure she gets home safe” Ha! What a terrible response. I teased him pretty badly. He says “well we are pretty much about to have an affair.” The seriousness sinks in, I’m over my husband. I miss my life.

“You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. It’s ok. I’ll understand.” I say.

“I want to do this.” He responds. I see his suburban, business banker, dad, khaki pant wearing motherfucking ass get all giddy in an instant. I’m about ta rock this man’s world. Little did I know this 38 year old was about to fuck mine up!!!!

He was a Daddy Dom (I’d had no idea what that was until I put the pieces together and processed everything several weeks later)…it was my first taste of receiving orgasm denial and control. Ever since I’ve been thinking about how much I enjoyed it and I had some experience with switching that night.

I started the car and began to drive back to my creepy AirBnB. Have you ever seen M. Night Shyamalan’s movie The Visit? Well, the owner looked like the grandmother in The Visit. If that is any indication. It was a small room in the basement and I’m pretty sure a mouse had died in the shelving below the basement stairs because there were several flies and a pungent odor on the air. No way in hell was my fuck night going to be ruined by that horror show.

Took me two seconds to pull over on a quiet residential street, turn off the car and hop over the shifter into his lap. Good mafucking kisses! If you want to get me, you need to kiss me with some serious fireworks. I was unbuttoning his striped button down collared shirt (with rolled sleeves of course). He was such a basic white brah. Exactly the opposite of what I’m attracted to. I’m doing this for me though, mama needs this!!

So we hop to the back seat. He grabs my head and asks me to suck his cock. I’m going down on him and he says “Oh yeah, you’ve been waiting to do this to me all night, haven’t you?” (answer is no). I hum in agreement, I can feel him get harder in my mouth. He says he wants to taste me. I lean back and let my LTR pussy shine in the moonlight. On his stomach he’s going to town but I’m not digging his tongue action. I’m telling him just how wet I already am, in a moaning, pouty, voice. His head pops up, “Really?”. I nod yes.

He touches me and is amazed (I am always wet, shhh). Pulling my legs up he inserts himself, my reaction is to sit up and groan in pain. He asks if I’m ok and want to switch positions. “No, I enjoy the pain.” In that case he pins me down, pulls my legs back further and pushes very deep into me, it feels fantastic.

Doggy style is my absolute favorite, and I can certainly tell it is his also. I’m on my back again, hips in the air. I keep thinking to myself ‘damn I’m doing some real nice bridge pose in the back seat of this little Sentra’.

He starts playing with my clit while he’s fucking me deep. The thrusting is high quality. You know the difference between the man with the jack-hammer thrust and the man that thrusts like you’re pretty much an extension of him….mmmhmmm that kind of thrusting. Yes! I have never cum with a dick inside of me, ever. Not once. I’m 30 and have accepted that coitus cannot produce an orgasm, or at least that is what I was told to teach when I taught sex ed in college. I’m literally about to cum with this guy in my pussy and he can see it in my face. I’m so excited, I cannot wait. He starts chanting “oh, you’re about to cum? Huh? Does that feel good? Are you about to cum baby?” I nod and close my eyes thinking the moment is finally HERE! Then, with no warning, and no reason. He stops. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? I’m getting pissed.

He flips me over onto all fours and starts fucking me again. Leaning forward he whispers into my ear in a very erotic voice “I’m not done with you yet.” I let out the moan of all moans. There was some Rose from Titanic shit happening on the window. This had me.

His passionate pumping had me a straight mess. I feel his hands grab my hips and he flips me to my back again, playing with my clit while deeply and slowly driving is cock into me. I’m going to cum, my wrists cover my face and I scream. My body tremors and I can feel my pussy clench his cock. He is moaning and amazed at the way my body tightens around his penis. There is even some commentary on the squeezing. He coos at me and caresses me, telling me “Good Girl”. What? That has got to be the hottest thing a guy has ever said to me.

In a frenzy I pin him against the seat and mount his lap. my clit is swollen, but I sink down anyways. I can cum a second time, I know it. His breath is in my ear “I wont be able to cum this way”.

“I don’t care” I reply, and grab his wrists pinning them behind his head. I roll around on his lap and let my hair sway, screaming and groaning in pleasure.

“Oh my god you are so hot, he says”…”This is so hot”…I have a feeling that was his discomfort with him calling a fat girl hot. But I’ll let it slide. I’ve still got his wrists pinned. “Fuck it” he says and frees his hands from my grip. His arms wrap around me as we kiss and we continue to pump in deep bliss. I have this strange feeling his wife made him watch 50 Shades of Grey a few times. I cum again, and then climb off of my saddle. I’m asian squatting in the back seat of the Sentra, letting my clit take a coffee break. I stroke his cock and tell him how badly I want to see him cum on my ass.

Bending me over the back seat, he inserts himself. “Your poor sensitive little clit”, he says; as I moan with each deep thrust…and he’s right.

I can feel him reach for my ass. “I haven’t had a cock in my ass since I was 19”, I tell him. “Slow.” He tries to go slow, but he can’t get it in, I’m far too tight. So he continues fucking my pussy. Gripping my hair at the base of the neck, calling me a good girl as he comes on my thick round ass. We lay there in the slippery sweat, I lick the salt from his wrist in bliss and say “Ugh, I needed that. Thank you!” Our clothes go back on and I drive him to his hotel. I tell him to never speak of this to anyone, this is our secret…and that he should, under no circumstances act strangely at the wedding tomorrow. He nods in agreement. I’m expecting him to just say goodbye, but no. He pulls me in for a deep and passionate kiss, one that is very long and I’m kind of in shock. He is clearly grateful for the night we had and he takes off with a deer in headlights look in his eyes like ‘what the hell just happened’.

The next day he subtly flirted with at the wedding, but his table picked up on our energy and instantly got intrigued. They were his old college friends. We never spoke again. I look him up on Facebook from time to time to see what he looks like.

I still think of that night. If it weren’t for that night I wouldn’t have realized how badly I wanted out of my marriage, how much I enjoyed orgasm denial/edging with another person, what a Daddy Dom was, and I would have never joined the kink community. It took me 2 years to make a move to leave my husband and actually explore these things. I literally daydreamed and edged myself in masturbation to this night for over a year, before I took action and decided I wanted a more passionate partner in my life.

If you’d like to explore edging and don’t currently have a partner to try it with the website I use is called EdgeMePlease. Although the site/game is worded for men, it still worked for me quite well. Very much a fun time!

Thank you for reading, Goodnight.




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