Knife Play

I had my first experience with sensual knife play!!! Think I’m in love ::)

At a public event, a very sweet Dungeon Master offered to show me his knife collection. It was fascinating, he tried running some of them along my skin, he knows I love metal! We setup a scene at the next event we were both attending. I looked forward to it all month!!

Went and purchased an outfit he could cut from my body, and even found an old pair of fishnets for him to slice into. The agreement was no pain, no scratches at all, and absolutely no blood.

He bent me over a spanking bench, sensually groped my body and slowly cut my fishnets off of me. I could feel him spank me with his machete, cold and pleasantly thuddy. I was in a trance as the knife began tearing through the back of my shirt, the sound of the rips made my pussy totally wet. He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me into his chest, whispering filthy things into my ear as he popped each button off of my shirt and began rolling the blade along my neck and chest. “The things I could make you do”, he groaned.

Bending me forward, he pulled the torn shirt down and tied my wrists together behind my back with it…pulling my hair gently and grinding into me. His hands melted into my back and along the curve of my hips. Kneeling behind me I could feel his hot breath on my ass and then his tongue dancing along my pussy, over my panties. He sucked the moisture from between my legs, my knees widened in stance as I moaned. I wanted him to enter me then and there.

FUCKING INSANE! That was the best scene I’ve ever done, hands down. I still masturbate to it. He cut my lace tank top off and told me he’d keep it as a souvenir, I agreed. He showed me a red curvy knife he purchased just for our scene. “Every time I use this knife I’ll think of you”, he said. WOW! So hot. So incredibly hot!

I’m honored to have had this moment.



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