Adventures in Fucksawing

Recently while at my weekly munch, a friend in the community asked if I wanted to see his fucksaw. I’m not into toys/insertables myself, but I love heavy macinery and would be interested in operating one…so he showed me a video of its use on a friend of his. It looked horrifying, my vagina is too tight for that shit. Besides, there is something about the real thing that makes me so much happier.

One of the subs at the table was easily convinced into bottoming.  I love servicing topping at events, it’s very fun…so it worked out well!

I showed up to the scene a bit late, so did the bottom.  Our teacher had just finished his scene with his partner and began instructing me on how to use the fucksaw in a formal manner.  Warming up our sub I carressed her and flirted with her a bit, asking if I could touch her breasts, pull her hair, bite her neck and suck on her nipples. I watched as he scientifically attached the dickbit (my technical term for it) onto the fucksaw.

Holding the Hitachi over her pussy we began, I was a huge tease…I wouldn’t put the hitachi directly on her clit…I giggled while I made her beg for it (on more than one occasion). I kissed her body, sucked her nipples, pulled her hair and whispered “Good Girl” into her ear as she screamed into an orgasm. She clearly didn’t like the fucksaw, but I still had some sensual fun with her afterwards.

My aftercare for her was an oily massage and some cuddles, under my favorite fur blanket. Then I did a knife play scene with another top, that she bottomed for. I fingered her clit while he ran the knife along her chest sensually. She groaned while she came, it was fantastic!

That was a fun night 🙂 She said to me “I remember when YOU were the shy one”



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